Direct Line Inox is one of the most important Romanian stainless steel raw materials and industrial products importers. Our product range includes stainless steel welded and seamless pipes, profiles, hollow bars, fittings, plates and coils, bars, flat bars etc.
We have a vast experience in stainless steel processing: professional laser, plasma, water cutting services; bending and plate rolling services; pickling and sand blasting services etc.

We also produce containers, vessels, industrial furniture or other custom made stainless steel projects.

Primary Products & Services: 
Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, of iron or steel
Tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel
Bars and rods of iron or steel, hot-rolled
Laser Cutting
Other fabricated metal products and metal products manufacturing services
Select all countries that you currently manufacture in: 
Top three customers:
Customer Name % of Sales
Adina Elena Oancea
Total Annual Sales in Euro's (last year): 
25 000 000 $
Number of Employees: 
Are you privately or publicly owned?: 
Privately Owned
Quality Certification(s): 
ISO 9001

Company Information

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