Software for multiple utilization by Assono

April 26, 2021


Assono Hungary is a customer-oriented company offering comprehensive solutions for enterprise communications needs for domestic and multinational companies, government organizations and institutions.


The company possesses solutions and expertise in testing WiFi, IP, DECT and mobile networks and designing wireless systems that enable us to provide efficient and professional testing and design services to manufacturing plants and other clients. Software developing is one of their profile, and they try to meet the demands of different industries (eg: agricultural, utility companies, health care, hospitality or retailers).




NotiFly is a messaging system that uses state of the art communications devices to relay messages automatically and without delay. NOTIFLY wirelessly transmits to recipients key information and alarm messages generated by manufacturing units and production lines, in health care, retail or wholesale trade, agriculture and other sectors, and enables the logging of message transmission, confirmation, escalation and even the steps of dealing with the problem. 


The uninterrupted running of production processes is one of the keys of productivity in mass manufacturing. The shorter the cycle time (i.e. the time between two completed units leaving the end of the manufacturing line), the more efficient the process and the lower the manufacturing costs.

To ensure the shortest possible cycle time the intervention team must be notified of any problems occurring in the manufacturing process without delay. 


 Such alerts can be, among others: 

  • Signals from various transmitters and sensors in the machinery (error, jamming, temperature etc.)  
  • Manual alerts triggered by team members (material shortage, maintenance requirement etc.) 



Notifly facilitates the instant transmission of notifications using wireles communication technology


Recipients (groups or individual persons) can be assigned to each alert so that they are notified automatically. This means messages are transmitted directly to the persons in charge, no matter where they are within the area of coverage, be it a manufacturing hall or any other location. 


Confirmation without delay

Confirmations appear without delay, which prevents multiple/redundant responses or failures to respond.


Advantages of NOTIFLY 

NOTIFLY is set up and managed via an intuitive web-based user interface that is accessible anytime from anywhere. All events are logged and can be queried. The main display presents real-time statistics that enable the quick detection and remedying of systemic problems.  





Cancellation of a shift, reorganisation of human resources and summoning staff to work extra hours – these are well-known phenomena for those working in industrial manufacturing plants.

There are many times when a shift needs to be cancelled or, on the contrary, extra hours are required and the staff needs to be notified. At times like this it is good to have a software that enables you to contact people at the touch of a button.


The call confirmation, notification monitoring and logging features make processes controllable and organised. Apart from making phone calls the 3A software can also send personalised group text messages if required.


If you would like to get to know more about Assono software and solutions, visit their website, text us or book an appointment in their calendar!