Sandhar Technologies will develop a 25 million EUR car parts plant in Brasov

July 17, 2021


Mumbai-listed car parts producer Sandhar Technologies, with operations in Spain, Poland, and Mexico, will invest EUR 25 million in a production facility located in the Prejmer industrial park, in Brasov county (central Romania).

The investment will create 125 workplaces, according to the local authorities that confirmed the project. The company will develop the plant this year.


"The investors' target is that, after the first year of operation, the Prejmer plant will provide at least one component for 30% of all cars produced in Europe. We thanked the investors for choosing Brasov county, and we assured them we are open to supporting any initiative meant to create jobs and capitalize on the human and material potential we have at the county level," said the president of the Brasov County Council (CJ), Adrian Vestea, quoted by


According to him, the investors plan to build the factory in the Prejmer Industrial Park, on a 7,000 sqm plot, consisting of production halls, warehouses, and offices. The investors want to make the investment by the end of this year and begin production in 2022, said the Brasov County Council president.



Sandhar Technologies RO has a share capital of 1 million lei and is wholly owned by Sandhar Technologies Barcelona, a company owned, in turn, by Sandhar Technologies. Founded in 1987 by Indian businessman Jayant Davar, Sandhar Technologies has over 8,000 employees. Its main customers include Honda, Scania, Tata Motors and Volvo.


The Spanish subsidiary of the Indian group Sadhar Technologies became operational in 2007, with the acquisition of the Iberian factory Tecfisa and produces die-cast aluminum parts, windshield wipers, anti-vibration components and suspension elements in factories from Poland and Mexico.


The main customers of Sandhar Technologies Barcelona are large companies in the automotive components industry such as TRW, Autoliv, Bosch, Trelleborg or Saint Gobain.