Citroën AMI is the most affordable electric car and can be driven from the age of 16. When can you order it in Romania?

September 11, 2021


Citroën is inventing 100% electric mobility for all with AMI, an ultra-compact, agile, protective, colourful urban mobility object that is accessible from the age of 16 (in Romania). A solution that is not limited to the object and brings major advantages that go beyond the automotive context: very competitive “à la carte” offers targeted towards specific uses, a 100% online journey and innovative distribution methods.



Non-conformist mobility object

  • 100% ELECTRIC: zero CO2 emissions for the benefit of all and access to all city centres, with an easy, silent and smooth drive. A battery that charges in just 3 hours from a standard electrical socket, like a smartphone.
  • COMPACT AND AGILE: an ultra-compact 2.41m size and 7.20m turning diameter, making city travel and parking simple.
  • COMFORTABLE AND PROTECTIVE: small on the outside and large on the inside, Ami enables 2 people to travel side by side comfortably, with an enclosed and heated passenger compartment, very bright, yet protected from the outside.
  • ASSERTIVE AND CUSTOMISABLE IDENTITY: its original style, the play on symmetrical structure and its unique presence give Ami a unique character. Its customisation possibilities invite to play with different appearances thanks to the 6 coloured accessory packs available.



Citroën AMI in Romania

Deliveries will begin next year. Teenagers who are eager to drive a car will soon have an electric option produced by Citroën. The small AMI will be able to be driven with a category B1 license, after reaching the age of 16. The model will reach customers next year and will allow a driving experience close to that of a city car.



AMI can be ordered in the Citroën dealer network at a price starting at 4,990 euros with all bonuses applied. For starters, the model will only be offered to companies that purchase at least three units. Later, it will be able to reach private customers.