Audi Grandsphere Concept: the company revealed its vision of a self-driving luxury future

September 18, 2021


Audi presented their Grandsphere Concept at IAA Auto Show in Munich, last week.

Like the Skysphere concept, the Grandsphere previews the brand's proposed EV future, promising a fully electric powertrain, a thoroughly modern cabin, and up to Level 4 autonomy once the production version hits public roads, if it ever does.


High-End Design

Stylistically, Audi calls the Grandsphere a "private jet for the road" that offers "a first class flight". And this concept undoubtedly looks the part with a streamlined, extra-long exterior design that triumphs over the decidedly pedestrian production A8. The Grandsphere stretches out to 17.6 feet long (5.4 meters), extends width-wise 6.6 feet (2.0 meters), and has a wheelbase of 10.5 feet (3.2 meters). The goal, Audi's designers say, was to make the Grandshphere feel like a "top value" proposition in the lineup.



Much like the recently unveiled Audi Skysphere concept, which imagined a sports car in which driving is optional, the Grandsphere concept imagines a luxury car where the driver can just ride.

The steering wheel and pedals fold away into the dashboard and the floor when the concept car goes into "autonomous mode."



With the steering and pedals folded away, the front seat space in the Grandsphere becomes a lounge area.


High-end materials like wood, wool, aluminum, and glass dot the cabin. There are no screens, either – the full-width MMI infotainment display projects atop the wooden surface of the dash, displaying things like audio controls and navigation.


Audi Grandsphere Concept Photos, IAA 2021



 Batteries Included


Audi estimates the Grandsphere can travel up to 750 kilometers on a single charge – likely on the WLTP scale – with the ability to recoup 300 km in just 10 minutes thanks to the battery's ability to charge at up to 270 kilowatts. Recharging from five percent to 80 percent takes 25 minutes.

The Grandsphere is an electric car with one electric motor driving the front wheels and another the back, giving the car all-wheel-drive. Without space needed for a big gasoline engine or transmission, the cabin of the car extends far to the front of the vehicle, providing ample interior space.



For now, the Audi Grandsphere is just a concept. But as with the sportier Skysphere, the company says that these two vehicles preview the future of EVs within the Audi lineup.